Monday, February 13, 2012

Ready, set, go

All of us have arrived and everyone is jet-lagged at least a bit.  Yesterday, new friends Parth and Mona took us to the incredible Indian Handicrafts Emporium.  It was very special and has gifts, carpets and jewels of top quality.  We saw emeralds that were beyond fabulous!  Then, the took us out for a lunch at the Great Kabob Factory.  It prides itself in 450 kinds of kabobs; delicious and boy did we leave full!  Today we're going on a tour with Wendy & Richard and Chris & Kelley.  The tour officially begins with dinner tonight and the world-famous restaurant: The Spice Route.

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  1. hope you enjoy the spice route it was a great place to have dinner and the murals are fabulous!