Monday, February 27, 2012

February 25 Udaipur

We went to the glorious City Palace.  Our first stop was the Crystal Gallery which displays an amazing array of crystal objects including crystal beds, hookahs and every possible household (for a palace) item.  The crystal was ordered by the last reigning Maharajah of Udaipur but when the huge amount of goods were delivered, the maharajah died. It was determined that the crystal was a bad omen so the large array of goods was kept in the wooden boxes and stored in the palace.  During the following 175 years, the goods were forgotten.  (The palace is that big!)  About 15 years ago, the boxes were opened and everyone was astonished as the contents had been completely forgotten.  They are now on display for everyone to enjoy.

We tour the rest of the palace which was built over three centuries and is a series of four interconnecting palaces. 

We enjoyed the afternoon at leisure.

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